I am a software engineer and game developer living in Buffalo, NY. Beautiful summers and cold winters, I would not have it any other way.

You can find me on Twitter, on Github, sometimes blogging on Dev.to, doing art stuff on Artstation and last but not least instagram.

Games have always been a big part of my life, and have inspired me to work in the world of game development for the past decade. Recently I have been working in Unreal Engine 4, Blender3d, SpeedTree and ZBrush. I published my first game, Deadstorm, way back in the early iOS app store days. Since removed, but not after hitting 50k downloads. Lately I have been working on some prototypes around third person story telling.

I have been a full time software engineer since early 2010. I tend to jump around and explore as much technology as I can. My background is in Ruby, Python, C#, Go, and C++. I have mostly been a backend engineer, building API’s and building out distributed systems.

Lately I have been dedicating a lot of my free time to studying the world of AI and machine learning. Studying and building deep learning neural networks, applying unsupervised techniques to advanced nhl stats or building image classifiers. Machine learning is an exciting and fasinating field that has reignited my passion for the tech field once again.

Wanna chat about games, game design, system design, web stuff, mentoring or career advice? Feel free to email me at coreyjs@hey.com, or hit me up on Twitter. Beware, twitter is bad jokes and lots of sports.

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